Is a Deadheaded Sunflower an Unflower?

deadheading header

This is a creative writing idea that falls between playing with words, and if wanting to explore further, using the discoveries/results to write Deadheaded poems.

Deadheaded Poems 2 actually starts with the roots of this resource, itself based on the Beheadings poems by Czechoslovakian poet Miroslav Holub. This explains the meaning of Deadheading in this writing context, and it may not need stating but I have changed Holub’s original description for I trust obvious readings. I think the link to flowers actually makes a very apt analogy.

Otherwise, when students/writers have created a cache of deadheaded words it gives them this resource to write their poems, the two models in Deadheaded Poems 1 illustrating ways for the ‘pairings’ of deadheaded words to drive a poetic narrative.


Deadheading Poems 1

Deadheading Poems 2

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