National Poetry Day, 1st October, 2020: Vision

vision in a dream logo

This year’s UK National Poetry Day is on the 1st October. Its theme is Vision.

It might seem so, but it’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for this. I had posted the following resources on my other blog when considering teachers might then have liked this ‘heads-up’ at a time when they would otherwise be focused on existing teaching, not least for examination groups.

That has all changed. Without detailing the obvious, using these resources now with a range of students could give everyone plenty of time to have writing ready for National Poetry Day – all being well, and we need to be hopeful.

Here are the resources:

1 A Vision in a Dream

2 A Vision in a Dream – TN

3 Kubla Khan poem

4 Kubla Khan images

5 Two Kubla Khan Videos

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