Making Choices on 7th October, 2021

(This post has been updated today, 19.9.21) Erasure = Choice: making creative selections The following resources present erasure poetry as a perfect medium for using choices to create poetry from a source text. The principle for these resources is always to write/create, not to read and analyse poems to prompt writing. That said, I amContinue reading “Making Choices on 7th October, 2021”

Fronted Rhyme Trick is a Treat

Designed around the Halloween theme as its time is approaching (at the date of posting), this writing idea features fronted rhymes to give the creative task a distinct focus. Apart from making sure you are comfortable with the theme in the context of your presenting, it is a straightforward writing game, the challenge being aContinue reading “Fronted Rhyme Trick is a Treat”

If You Look, You Will Find One

Everyone should write a found poem. And then keep writing them. And teaching/introducing them to others. Whether it is cut-up, erasure, humument or whatever named type you choose/follow, finding a poem in another source is one of the more rewarding creative processes out there. Within the broad writing approach called Copycatting here on this site,Continue reading “If You Look, You Will Find One”

Ridiculously, This Isn’t Really Optional, Is It?

This is going to sound like an excuse, but it isn’t, though it is. This and the other creative writing resources I am currently posting began their lives as resources delivering [an ‘appallingly’ curriculum-tainted word] that compulsory language focus in English subject teaching of some years ago now, spawning the language hour in primary schoolsContinue reading “Ridiculously, This Isn’t Really Optional, Is It?”

Laying Foundations

To repeat what is explained in the About section for this blog, most if not all of these creative writing ideas began as resources for teaching/working with students. That means they are primarily made for classroom use and working with young writers. But as also stated, and I have subsequently mentioned in introductions to eachContinue reading “Laying Foundations”

Walt Whitman Walt Whitman Walt Whitman

This creative writing idea is focused on a use of repetition. This creative writing idea is focused on a use of repetition. Already overdone in the title? Perhaps you are right. But as a writer or in prompting writing from others, you have to persevere, and where repetition in writing can be error/lazy and soContinue reading “Walt Whitman Walt Whitman Walt Whitman”