This is the Creative Truth

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The theme for these resources is Truth [NPD 2019]

All of the following resources are designed to encourage and support students/writers to write poetry on the theme of Truth. The ideas are not about reading poems and then spotting/commenting on devices used and similar. Hopefully students/writers will share their work, but this is about creating, not analysing.

Some of the resources are still in their ‘NPD’ referencing, but that is only because this wasn’t easy, and not necessary, to change. The erasure text resources are models and templates for this kind of writing. Any reproduced in Word is so that they can be opened and edited in Word.

Resources/Downloads [right click]:

1 Truth Lines

2 Truth Poems – When I

3 Truth Poems – Truth Text Erasure

4 Truth Erasure Text eg

5 Truth Erasure Text eg 2

6 Truth Erasure Text eg 3

Truth Erasure Text in Word

Truth Erasure Text

The Poetry of Truth Quotes

7 The Poetry of Truth Quotes Erasure Text

8 Found The Poetry of Truth Quotes Erasure Text


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