Sentence Hamburgers Creation

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Perhaps this is a spoof ‘creative’ writing resource.

But the creation of the Sentence Hamburgers image is too good not to post, so the resources come with it.

It isn’t really about creative writing, but it isn’t about secretarial writing. It is about having some fun embracing both. But hugging the first one tighter.

It is a challenging task: organise the deconstructed sentences into a ‘correct’* order and punctuate accordingly. If you don’t feel you would/could present to students/writers, try it yourself. But no peeking first at the ‘completed’ sentences. Try the actual exercise with each individual sentence grid.

*This doesn’t come from a previous diabolical English SAT so naturally there might be quite acceptable variations/alternatives. This being the possible outcome, the ‘completed’ sentences download is irrelevant.

If you want to read the 2015 genesis of this idea, you can here.


first hamburger sentences

second hamburger sentences

completed hamburger sentences

One of my completed hamburgers:

hamburger (2)



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