Ridiculously, This Isn’t Really Optional, Is It?

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This is going to sound like an excuse, but it isn’t, though it is.

This and the other creative writing resources I am currently posting began their lives as resources delivering [an ‘appallingly’ curriculum-tainted word] that compulsory language focus in English subject teaching of some years ago now, spawning the language hour in primary schools – I have, thankfully, forgotten the actual terms used/applied to this* – and which became a necessary feature of schemes of work at secondary level, and which has subsequently been heavily criticised and disowned, but which has retained a lasting vestige of ruin in the linguistic focus teachers still teach and students apply in their GCSE English Literature study and responses [when exams happen].

I designed these resources partly to accommodate that compulsory aspect, but my intention was, and still is, to deliver this through creativity/creative writing resources. In re-purposing these here, I haven’t, however, removed the recurring focus [in bold] on specific language features as these are terms quite useful to know/think about!

And I hope you saw what I did in the above with the preponderance of adverbs. This writing idea, taken from another Adrian Mitchell idea and poem, is essentially for the fun of it. It isn’t to teach adverbs, but it is to ‘teach’ the potential of language to surprise and delight.

The old-school approach of cutting and placing and turning over is all part of the fun. Perhaps some pasting too.

*Looked it up: The Literacy Framework

Optional Adverb Poems 1

Optional Adverb Poems 2

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