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This creative writing idea is focused on a use of repetition.

This creative writing idea is focused on a use of repetition.

Already overdone in the title? Perhaps you are right. But as a writer or in prompting writing from others, you have to persevere, and where repetition in writing can be error/lazy and so on, at other times it is dramatic and dynamic.

This resource channels the use of repetition for more positive effect. As it states, perhaps less ‘poetic’ than some writing, but being metaphoric isn’t everything in poetic writing and this idea explores other skews.

The researching element is also important, as is the preparation for all writing – especially when working with young/new writers: gathering ideas/detail/evidence and so on can provide a significant foundation at the beginning, and this ‘list poem’ structure/pattern further supports the process.

See resource:

Repeating Walt Whitman

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