The List Poem

List Poem header

I am a big fan of The List Poem: to write myself, and as a model for students/others to use in their own writing.

It is the simplest structure, and it can be the most effective for writing ‘poetically’ [in the broadest sense of that word!].

Anyone who has explored/used resources on this site linked to National Poetry Day will have noted how this is my most popular ‘model’ for presenting to writers. I won’t revisit the reasons why, which are found in and across those resources, but if you are unsure do dip in and out of these.

For this creative writing idea the resources are self-explanatory: List Poems 1 and List Poems 2 providing the writing idea exemplar and explanation. List Poems 3 is an example of one of mine, and it demonstrates an alternative presentation.

The List Poem can and does work at many levels. The ideas here are not ‘simple’ ones and will challenge writers.

‘Simple’ is not, by the way, a qualitative term. The beauty of the list poem is its simplicity, but it can operate at many levels.

List Poems 1

List Poems 2

List Poems 3

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