If You Look, You Will Find One

found poetry header

Everyone should write a found poem.

And then keep writing them.

And teaching/introducing them to others.

Whether it is cut-up, erasure, humument or whatever named type you choose/follow, finding a poem in another source is one of the more rewarding creative processes out there. Within the broad writing approach called Copycatting here on this site, the found poem is the most glorious finding and copying and pilfering and subverting and altering and creating of poetry possible.

The found poem exemplifies the very essence of discovering the ‘accident of meaning’. There are levels of control to this, and it can begin with total randomness. It can have quite strict rules. It is the writer’s choice.

As ever, I do feel the following resources provide the detail and examples needed to explain more.

One further aid to this process I would suggest is to search online for ‘word generators’ and/or similar which have the technical facilities to increase the potential for finding poetry in other texts. I will mention one, but this could disappear over time. For now, I like to use this site.

Found Poetry 1

Found Poetry 2

Found Poetry 3

Found Poetry 4

If you would like to view an entire text subverted by finding alternative texts within it, the following is my erasure of The Mueller Report,


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