Making Choices on 7th October, 2021

(This post has been updated today, 19.9.21)

Erasure = Choice: making creative selections

The following resources present erasure poetry as a perfect medium for using choices to create poetry from a source text.

The principle for these resources is always to write/create, not to read and analyse poems to prompt writing. That said, I am presenting erasure approaches to English GCSE study/examination texts: the intention is the same – to promote creative writing – but where curriculum teaching is currently and regularly controlled, this can make it difficult for teachers to feel they can ‘step outside’ such to celebrate National Poetry Day.

The following resources of erasure using the text Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde illustrate the kinds of ‘knowing’ creative choices students can make using extracts from a text.

The following resources include a generic Teacher’s Note so that the ideas presented can be applied to any texts and for students of all ages and ability.

All following pdfs feature the text Strange Case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde as exemplar:

1 Erasing as Choice – Teacher Note

2 erasure 1a

3 erasure 1b

4 erasure 1c

5 erasure 2a

6 erasure 2b

7 erasure 2c 


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