I’m working through and re-purposing creative writing resources from the past, also editing and updating to improve where this seems necessary. As these had been designed initially to focus on language features [when it was a requirement!!], this is retained because there is nothing wrong with that being a starting point for engagement, hopefully, andContinue reading “Personified”

Handy Creative Writing Ideas

This set of creative writing ideas is taken from a text written some years ago – Crafting Poetry: Original Writing for GCSE [written coursework, still available for assessment at the time]. All of the ideas were built around poems by the writer Phil Bowen – with a few others – and his reading/performance of these.Continue reading “Handy Creative Writing Ideas”

The Empathy of a Long Sentence

This is a writing activity rather than a creative prompt. There is the potential for being creative and through copying the model poem Elk River Falls by Billy Collins. I haven’t altered this much at all from its original format [and its beginnings can be read here]. It is quite a complex task for students/writers,Continue reading “The Empathy of a Long Sentence”

Sentence Hamburgers Creation

Perhaps this is a spoof ‘creative’ writing resource. But the creation of the Sentence Hamburgers image is too good not to post, so the resources come with it. It isn’t really about creative writing, but it isn’t about secretarial writing. It is about having some fun embracing both. But hugging the first one tighter. ItContinue reading “Sentence Hamburgers Creation”

Let There Be Light Creation

Here are creative writing resources on the theme of Light [NPD 2015]. This is a wonderfully simple, expansive theme. Everything is hopefully explained in the Teacher/Guidance notes. Anyone immediately drooling at the idea of a ‘subordinate clause’ poem is a serious cause for concern… PDF resources here [right-click to open]: 1 TeacherGuidance Notes 2 MyContinue reading “Let There Be Light Creation”

To Be or Not To Be Creative: Can’t Remember?

These creative writing resources are on the theme of Remember, and this was the NPD theme in 2014 I seem to recall… The resources are explained in the TeacherGuidance notes. The Word document [4] is a Remember poem template which can be downloaded and used to write on, though it is quite a simple template!Continue reading “To Be or Not To Be Creative: Can’t Remember?”

This is the Creative Truth

The theme for these resources is Truth [NPD 2019] All of the following resources are designed to encourage and support students/writers to write poetry on the theme of Truth. The ideas are not about reading poems and then spotting/commenting on devices used and similar. Hopefully students/writers will share their work, but this is about creating,Continue reading “This is the Creative Truth”