Free Freedom Writing Resources

This is a fulsome resource based on the theme of Freedom [the NPD theme in 2017]. There are student/writer notes, models, suggestions, prompts, whole poem sheets, teacher/guidance notes and a short PowerPoint. Dip in and out. Here are the resources: 1 Freedom To 2 Freedom To 3 Freedom To 4 Freedom To 5 Freedom isContinue reading “Free Freedom Writing Resources”

Nostalgic National Poetry Days

As the resources for previous National Poetry Days are still available, I will be posting these while I spend time preparing other creative writing materials for presenting. Although these were always linked to a particular theme of the year, this does not date them – I will try to remove direct reference to the timingContinue reading “Nostalgic National Poetry Days”

National Poetry Day, 1st October, 2020: Vision

This year’s UK National Poetry Day is on the 1st October. Its theme is Vision. It might seem so, but it’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for this. I had posted the following resources on my other blog when considering teachers might then have liked this ‘heads-up’ at a time whenContinue reading “National Poetry Day, 1st October, 2020: Vision”